Thursday, 17 July 2014

What the hell is wrong in INDIA?

I read today where a six year old child was raped by the school staff in India.      A six year old child!      The women can't walk the streets.      Kids are not safe.

Yes the women over there are fucking smoking hot!        But man they should be able to walk the streets without being attacked and killed.      O yes after a good rape.     The men there can't be that fucked up?      Are they?

Yes some of them still live in alleys or down by the river.      But they should have gained some insight into how to ask for a date by now.      Or a little respect of the ladies.

Even this due should be able to get a date.      There are billions of people over there.     I will promise you a fine looking lady lives just down the street in a hole of her own.

Best for most of these dudes is to stick to what they know.     

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