Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Got bored last night and went out eating with the boy!

Yes neither one of us needed to go eat 20 nuggets of chicken at the big golden arches.     But we went anyway.      I was watching this crazy movie on IFC about a bunch of smoking hot young sisters getting an old motel in a will from their Grand-dad they never knew.      It was up on a lake in the middle of no where.      So yes it was a horror movie.     Come to find out the people left up at the place were all family.     They had a family tree with no branches.     The twist was the fact that the old lady there is the girl's Gram-gram.      O and her lover is the girl's uncle.    Plus the uncle is Gram-gram's son too.     O and yes there are inter-bread freaks all over the place.     Kids from the mother son combo.      O and yes they were Jason type sized men.    Couldn't even speak.      But they liked killing strangers.    So mid way the movie became a little slow and we went to eat the nuggets.      Got back and watched the rest.     The movie was called Lake Dead.      Not sure if it will be on again.     You might want to put in the time.

Sure it had it's moments.

This shit is just funny.

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