Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday freaky shit!

Yes it's Friday and you want some freaky shit.....

Is that a good start?

You think this isn't real?      Do some looking into it.

I promise you this is as real as life gets.

Yes that is why you should always look first before diving right in.

This shit is for real.    

Holy crap!       What bothers me is these ladies always have a bigger package than any (NORMAL?) dude on the street.      Why is that?

The girl with three boobs?

Yes the girl with three boobs....

I have to say I have wondered if it's real......Or is it another Bigfoot story?

Do videos lie?       I'd watch it and judge for your- self.

Friday's Tight Nude Lady Bellys!

You can say to everyone later that this is the best thing you saw all day!

Just a great time.

Belly down and East way bound!

Stopping saying you like her eyes!

Everyone in the UK is saying (HE DID IT!).....

Russia blames the shoot down of a plane in the UK on the government there.     They also know a rebel connected to them did it.      But it's the government's fault, they just won't leave office and let the Russians put in a leadership that they want.      So it's everyone's fault.     Even the people who are dead.     The airline....well they did fuck up....They flew into a war zone to save fuel!      Yes that was a bad choice.      What I want to know......

Who sold the rockets to the rebels?      What country sells people who are that stupid ground to air rockets?     My guess......Russia.       Almost 300 people dead.     20 some are Americans.     The rest are from all over the planet.     You think this is a good reason to get a hold on this thing now?

Do you think Ron's places are so much a big hit everywhere?

We just had a whole hood in the City Of Watertown NY say no to another McD's!      They would not allow it in their hood.      It was not happening there.    God bless them, they could be right.

Take a good look at what can go wrong.

Yes there is no telling anything different up on the hill, the places make big piles of cash.

People can't get enough of it.

Might just be a sign of the times.

I don't even know what this is and still know it isn't good.

Well you judge if times are still real good for the chain.

Taco Bell has morning grillers!

I had (THREE) morning grillers full of eggs, cheese, and sausage!       They are twice the size of Ron's breakfast burritos.      Plus they tasted five times better.       Also (to be tested) I don't believe the Bell's product will give you the running to the crapper kind of thing.     Hate to say it (I do like Ron's) McD's products in the morning most times send you a few hours later to blast the bowl.    It's true and can not be changed.      It just bangs right through most of us.

So far after making a run to the boarder at 7am I don't end out making a run to the bowl.     Should be a commercial.    

None of us want to end up like Ron and his followers.      I kid you not......Keep eating the stuff and see.

Cheap Trick Dudes are still ALIVE AND WELL!


Rich and Mike McCready are still working hard to get ready to do some  work this Summer.     That includes our State Fair.        These dudes will never die and sure are not fading away yet.

Hey they don't have the youthful look anymore, but they still have the talent.

                                     Remember these days?     70s were super!