Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Its' not legal to 3D print your Vagina?

The young Japanese lady printed her vagina 3D and sold the images online to get ready to build a Vagina Boat.      That's her art.      Building stuff that looks like her vagina.     A real vagina Boat to go up and down the Black River would be cool.    

Megumi Igarashi

She seems like a nice little lady.      I'd buy an image of her vagina.

3D printable vagina smartphone cases

They are not that bad as far as any online offer goes.     I have sure seen much worse from Japan.       To arrest her for this is a bit silly.     I thought the image would be a bit smaller.    maybe that's the crime?     large Japanese vagina.

                                     Doesn't look like see is the only one into Vagina Art.

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